Our Story

"We are a group of culture makers creating quality brand merchandise to artistically express, that we as individuals are leaders rebuilding the ruins of our cities and culture. We are tailored for the good of all.  We are committed to live woven in the fabric of our communities contributing to the Good." - Founder, Oaklin Mixon

Our Journey
GoodBoy Clothing was established in March 2014 by Flint, Mich. by resident Oaklin Mixon. Upon the auto industry’s exit from Flint--formerly one of America’s leading auto manufacturing hubs--the city was forced to reinvent itself as a hub for culture, business, and the arts. Mixon’s desire to embody the authenticity and resilient spirit of his city resulted in the creation of GoodBoy.

Our journey began with high quality t-shirts and has since expanded to include multiple apparel and accessories, collections developed by artists, designers and seamstresses to provide an outlet for original ideas and unique collaboration. After winning $20,000 in the AT&T Agility Challenge in 2016, GoodBoy garnered national recognition, allowing us to develop our brand and expand our product offering.

GoodBoy uses the “Shop-to-Shelf” production model, which allows us to create, produce, and now, sell our products in the same space. This has given our brand the ability to reach from coast to coast in the U.S., with loyal customers from all over. 

Our Style
GoodBoy’s style is heavily influenced by various streetwear brands, and draws much of its creative inspiration from the city in which it finds its home, and its residents. Sleek, industrial design elements join high-quality, comfortable fabrics to create wardrobe staples.

Collections, while modern and visually appealing, are also deeply meaningful and seek to emphasize concepts like individuality, innovation, truth, and strength. Special attention to detail in our labels, patches, and decorative elements let you know that what you’re wearing has been tailored for your good.

Our Vision
GoodBoy Clothing’s vision is to craft and produce quality merchandise in Flint and for national distribution using a “Shop-to-Shelf” production model. The GoodBoy Manufacturing Co. (GDBY MFG Co.), which opened in November 2017, is located in downtown Flint’s historic Buckham Alley in an effort to highlight the manufacturing culture of the city’s past.

Our vision is that this multipurpose studio space will become the sole physical location of GoodBoy’s production process, including merchandise design, assembly, tailoring, and retailing.

In 2016, GoodBoy Clothing was a winner of AT&T's #AgilityIs contest hosted by Chris Gardner of The Pursuit of Happyness. The brand received a $20,000 award to further develop its business plan and make steps toward in-house cut and sew operations.
GoodBoy Clothing recently partnered with Together, an organization committed to bringing young people together to create change in their generation, to produce merchandise for its West Coast tour.

We were also the official licensed brand/creative directors in 2018-2019 for the annual Crim Festival of races athletic wear collection. In addition to Owosso, Michigan-based coffee company Foster Coffee Co. partnered with GoodBoy Clothing for the “Foster the Good Culture” joint merchandise venture in 2017.